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Decorating a bathroom in nautical/marine style

by:KingKonree     2020-08-25

To make a bath in the sea spirit, the key is to adopt the right colors (blue and white) on the walls. The furniture selected should be made of natural raw wood or painted. Light fixtures in brass and bronze, mirror door and a few accessories evoking the sea and boats: it's done!

The correct color code

For a marine style bathroom, adopt blue and white colors on the walls. Sky blue, electric blue or gray can also be chosen depending on your preferences. The most easily to implement is the application of paint on the walls. Prefer a matte finish, it will look more authentic. Two coats are required for a good finish. The tile is another option. Blue tiles above the sink and the tub will be perfect to complement the white walls. Another option is the siding of wood boards in different shades including blue and white. Easy to fit in alongside, they are ideal for a marine style 'interior of boat.' Just make sure to take wood species adapted to moisture, such as teak.

Natural Furniture

The furniture of the bathroom includes a vanity unit or possibly a closet shelf. The wood, dark or light is a good choice to play the card of the natural. For good durability of your furniture, be careful with the type of fuel: exotic wood, oak or mahogany is suitable for wet rooms. To stay on the white and blue or in a marine style, painted wood furniture is available. It is also very easy to apply two coats of paint on a shelf in wood. Finally, rattan and wicker are also suitable in style marine genuine. For example you can place storage baskets in wicker on a simple shelf for a more carefully. Always choose reputed doors manufacturers in order to ensure the long lasting life of bathroom doors. Also the use of transparent glass doors instead of solid wood doors is a great idea to enjoy the marine view even from the outside of the bathroom.

Lighting fixtures made of metal

For the glaze, adopt a model of metal: the copper, the chrome and brass are materials commonly used on a boat. They will bring a touch of light and character to the bathroom. For smaller budgets, a chandelier made of rattan or cotton decorated with marine motifs (shells, anchors, fish, sea stars) may be very appropriate.

Accessories evoke the sea

The grating is a lattice of wood used as flooring in the Navy, so placing a grating in front of the shower or tub will be a right idea to achieve the marine style bathroom. It is easy to maintain and an elegant alternative to the mat. The mirror is an indispensable accessory, so to stick to your theme, choose a porthole-shaped or framed by driftwood, if you want to imagine Robinson Crusoe! Finally, let your imagination by taking playthings around the sea shaped soap dish fish, sea stars and brought back from your vacation just hanging with nails, fishing net suspended over the tub. The key is to avoid the build!

If you have a tight budget, a sticker pasted on a wall blue or white is enough to set the mood. Many models exist such as fish, algae, anchor, boat and shell. If placed in evidence, your sticker will invite you to travel!

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