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The bathroom consumer market is maturing and the 'terminal is king' effect appears

by:KingKonree     2021-05-19

The real estate market is sluggish, and sanitary ware companies are vying to find a breakthrough from the offline market and expand against the trend through the online market. The latest information released by Tmall shows that it is in sharp contrast with the shrinking of offline sanitary ware industry stores. Last year, German Hans Gaoya, Grohe, TOTO, Roca and other international brands entered Tmall tmall, and there are 7 global sanitary ware brands. Has settled in.

Before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the smart toilet seat with an original price of RMB 2,500 was sold at a group purchase price of RMB 1,500, attracting 866 people to buy it. Tmall announced **new information shows that due to the impact of the real estate industry, the offline bathroom industry shrinks stores. Tmall bathroom online shopping is popular; it is related to the online price. Yan Ji is one of the first online sanitary ware brands to enter Tmall. In March 2009, it opened a flagship store on Tmall. In 2011, its sales exceeded 20 million yuan.

The founder said: 'Online shopping saves costs such as rent from traditional channels, and can be more than 30% cheaper than offline costs, plus new styles, and 360-day special after-sales service for unreasonable returns. Sales are naturally good.'

According to statistics, from 2009 to 2011, the annual turnover of Tmall sanitary ware products increased at a rate of 400%, much higher than the offline 20%. Last year, Tmall reached 10 sanitary ware brands with annual sales exceeding 10 million. The number of sanitary ware brands in Tmall has reached 400, accounting for 80% of the 600 sanitary ware brands in Taobao Mall. The industrial pattern is synchronized with offline, with a complete range of products such as faucets, showers, toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, and bathroom accessories, all competing on the same stage.

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