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the self sufficient house

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
Introduction to Green home.
Green houses should be built with natural materials from which rice straw bags, clay or wood can be selected.
We all take it for granted that water and electricity supply services should be produced from renewable wind or solar sources to save water through rainwater harvesting.
This is an article about self.
Reduce carbon footprint.
In the report, we will look at different renewable energy sources including natural green building materials and recycled building materials, electricity and water resources, and wastewater management.
Then we first look at the green and recycled building materials available to all of us to achieve comfort and overall sustainability.
Natural Green Building Materials 1.
Straw bundles may be the cheapest form of material to use when building a house, because in addition to providing floor covering in a bullpen, farmers use little straw.
A few years ago, I was asked to investigate heating the greenhouse and gathering with rice straw bags-
Tunnel in the center of the local garden, surprised to find that the shipping cost of these bags is higher than the purchase cost, and farmers are more than happy to take them away from their hands and almost give them away2.
The logs can be supplied directly from the local sawmill, although it is best to order one year before you intend to start construction, to have the Sawyer collect the required size, peel the bark back and let the logs dry a little.
I played a timeshare on the high ground a few years ago, it built a cabin on the lake, we often recalled the holidays we had there, very quiet, the battery charged.
At the time, I was an engineer working 12 hours a week in a seven-day shift, and after two weeks in the cabin, I returned to my daily work and refreshed. 3.
Clay has been used for centuries as a multi-form building material, and many houses built hundreds of years ago are still standing and inhabited.
If I were to build a house, it would use adobe that fits many designs.
Components for construction include ordinary clay, straw, sand and water mixed into the dough
Like a constituency, then shaped with bricks.
Walls and mortar built in accordance with the normal brick method are Adobe mixtures without straw content.
This gives a good weight.
Bearing performance is important if you are going to fix the PV plate on the roof.
When it comes to roofs, all houses built with natural materials require good roof stands to prevent water from dripping onto the walls.
Renewable energy and wind power can provide most of the electricity needed, and the amount of electricity required can be calculated in advance using a spreadsheet provided by the Internet or by having a local renewable energy contractor give you an estimate.
You also need to decide if you want to output any excess power to the grid, as it will take a while to establish a contract.
However, this gives you the option to restore power to the grid if needed, otherwise you may need a backup diesel generator.
You should use no more than 10-14 KW of electricity per day, so use it as a starting point for selecting the capacity of the power generation system. Household wind turbines can provide this power, but remember to do a wind survey before doing something else.
Some local government services and internet sites can provide this information through a ZIP Code, which can be used in the first place.
I can recommend a wind turbine for 2 people.
The output of 5 KW can provide electricity to the house at the initial installation cost of 7000.
This will include batteries and all electrical converters, keep in mind to set aside space for batteries and controllers and to set aside a distance from obstacles for wind turbines.
Nowadays, photovoltaic panels are very popular in providing electricity for garden lights and so on, but the domestic PV panels needed to produce the electricity needed are still very expensive, however, it is said that the average return time is 4 years.
I am waiting for a quote from a local company for a roof PV board for our bungalow.
Get the weight map of the panel before making any decision and be managed by your architect, because the Green House is not all a lot of weight --
These panels are on your roof! Wood-
The latest wood burning stove can provide heat for cooking, living water and running central heating radios. A good wood burning stove is the tested Rayburn, which will allow cooking and water heating.
We had been living in the Western Highlands for several years.
I loved it, except to clean it up and light it up every morning before work, especially on a Sunday morning, waiting for our usual fried breakfast, my belly was very rumbling, ah, this is the only happy day we need to worry about.
I am sure that the new models do not require such frequent attention and do not need to burn most of the biomass, so these models should be studied.
Please proceed to page 2 using recycled building materials and components waiting for planning permission is the ideal time to start collecting old building materials that can be purchased from the building materials recycling facility.
These companies can offer double glazed windows, roof slabs and tiles, kitchen and bathroom sinks, with great savings both for your pocket and for the environment.
Remember not to use used appliances as it can be very dangerous. Be sure to get matching window units and be careful that there are any units of condensation between the panes.
Give your architect the size to add to the plan.
There are also companies that produce furniture from renewable energy, which is the second optionhand furniture. .
When your house plan is drawn, integrate passive solar heating and lighting into your indoor thermal quality, tell the architect that you want to add some thermal mass to the wall facing south, there is an underground floor in the back room.
The trom Bay wall consists of a double-layer glass unit fixed to the South
Facing the wall, leave a gap between the wall and the unit.
The sun heats the air in the gap, the air rises and cycles in the adjacent rooms, and the heat is also stored on the wall and used at night.
The floor also stores heat during the day and releases it at night.
Lighting needs to get as much light into the room as possible through windows and skylights.
Modern innovations, such as tubes and skylights, reflect light to lighter parts of the room, which are not so expensive and highly efficient if installed during construction.
Depending on which part of the world you live in rain water, water supply, recycling and sewage treatment are a good source of fresh water supply and are easy to collect and store.
This is achieved by digging a pit in the garden, lining it, installing a submersible pump, and covering it in such a way as to prevent dust from entering.
Rainwater can be collected from the roof of the building, filtered through a mesh filter, moss and leaves removed, and then delivered to the storage tank via a pipe.
Contact the plumber and tell him that you want to water the garden with gray water, wash the car and ask him to use it to flush the toilet-he would recommend the use and plumbing system to do this and not try to do it yourself, because it\'s very easy to mix --
Return the system up and back into the fresh water system.
Basically the bathtub, the shower, the water in the sink, the washing machine and the dishwasher are discharged into another tank in the garden, filtered to remove the particles and grease, it is pumped to wherever you intend to use it.
There are many treatment methods for sewage treatment, including septic tanks, chemical pools, dry soil toilets (Yuk)and reed beds.
The reed bed is the most eco-friendly and smelly choice. Ordinary Reed (
Some products are provided by a professional company.
The company will advise on the area of the required reed bed, plant the area and install the pipes of the sewage outfall into the reed bed.
Basically, the Reed has the ability to transfer oxygen from its leaves to its roots and root-like stems to form harmful micro-
Organisms are attracted and treated, which is no different from the biological treatment of sewage farm sewage.
Conventional water samples from this outflow must be collected and analyzed, and water may be transferred to the vegetable garden once it is confirmed that no harmful microorganisms are present.
Insulation and energy saving this is the last part, and according to energy experts, this is where we can save a lot in terms of energy.
Although many natural building materials are very good insulators, this can be achieved through wall and attic insulation, so wall insulation may not be required, however, in order to prevent heat loss, water pipes and hot water tanks should be insulated.
Any electrical equipment purchased should be energy efficient AA class and use low energy bulbs throughout the house.
Government grants that can be used for renewable energy equipment can be investigated, new feed in the survey tariff (FIT)
Sell the extra electricity to your supplier.
I have listed the relevant websites where I can find more information on all the topics covered in this article, as well as some photos describing the components used in modern sustainable houses.
Pictures on related internet sites for more information on self-contained family eco-furniture built with Clayadobebuilder.
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