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How high is the overall kitchen countertop?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

  The overall kitchen countertop is a more important existence in the overall Izuya, and its role in the kitchen is more important. So for our more convenient work, what is the height of the overall kitchen countertop in general, what principles should be paid attention to when designing the height of the overall kitchen countertop, let's take a look at the relevant situation of the overall kitchen countertop together.

  The height of the overall kitchen countertop is appropriate

   Kitchen furniture should be meticulous in function, comfortable, and make full use of space; in form, it should be beautiful and integrated. In the kitchen, housewives have to complete a series of tasks such as picking vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, garnishing vegetables, cooking vegetables, and washing dishes, so they can be divided into three parts: washing, cooking, and cutting. Therefore, the kitchen furniture is roughly composed of sinks, stoves, consoles, wall cabinets, etc., and the former two can be fitted into the consoles to form a unified whole.

  The operating table is an important position for cutting vegetables, garnishing, and preparing meals. At the same time, larger kitchen utensils can be placed. Its thickness can reach 60-65cm. The material of the countertop is preferably covered with stainless steel. The console can be set up with drawers, and you can put some small tableware and small supplies that you can take at any time, without tiptoeing, bending over, and easy access. There are 2-3 layers of movable shelves in the operating table for different needs. At the same time, the ends of the console and the wall cabinet are made into open shelves with arc-shaped corners, which can reduce the volume of the kitchen furniture and integrate it with the kitchen space.

   From a visual point of view, the height of the skirting board of 16-18cm is better, so that the height of the overall cabinet (including the countertop) is 85-87cm, but it is too high for most people, unless the height Above 185cm.

   There is another point to remind, if you want to put the washing machine in the cabinet, the height of the countertop must be carefully considered.

  The overall kitchen countertop height design principle

   When designing the cabinet height, we have to consider many design factors, which is what we call the principle. What is the appropriate height of the cabinet? The cabinet height mentioned here includes the height of the cabinet workbench and the highest height of the cabinet wall cabinet. When designing the height of these two aspects, we need to integrate the height of the people who cook at home. Generally speaking, the height of the cabinet workbench should be when the housewife is standing with her fingers touching the bottom of the basin. If it is too high, it will make people feel tired, and if it is too low, it will make people feel sore.

  The height of the cabinet is designed with the design of the cabinet workbench, as well as the design of the cabinet wall cabinet. The height of the cabinet wall cabinet is also very important. Generally speaking, the height of the housewife who cooks at home should be the main factor. Generally speaking, the height of the housewife can easily open the wall cabinet and can safely get the items inside. quasi. But at the same time, you must also consider your own cabinet style and the size of the entire kitchen space.

   The workbench is divided into high and low levels. Generally speaking, the high size is between 890-9l0mm, which is the size commonly used in western countries; the low workbench size is 810-840mm , This is the size commonly used in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; at present, some cabinets can adjust the feet to make the workbench reach a suitable height.

  Integral kitchen countertop brand

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