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how to waterproof an upper level deck to make a dry storage area underneath

by:KingKonree     2019-12-22
A common problem faced by many homeowners with secondary decks is how to effectively waterproof the deck so that they can get dry storage areas below.
Several alternatives can be considered, and while most of them are not entirely DIY tasks, they need to be undertaken by professional contractors.
The introduction of vinyl film is probably one of the most common ways to waterproof the upper deck and is to lay some sort of waterproof film on the existing surface.
The membrane system that may establish the longest time is the introduction of vinyl film, which usually has the core of heavy polyester fabric to provide protection against puncture and tear.
These products are provided by Duradek, Weatherdek, DecTec, DecTec and other companies.
These products are usually installed by a professional contractor, but if the homeowner has some experience, they can install the film themselves.
This product usually has a patterned surface with different colors and textures.
Of course, with this type of film, you can\'t keep the original natural wood appearance of the deck.
Professional deck paint
Technical coating systems generally include the application of a range of different coatings, so they are usually applied by professional coating agents.
Examples of this coating include Versa-
The deck range of reinforced fiberglass and acrylic coating and the Metacrylics range of acrylic and polyester fabric coating.
The paint also has different colors.
However, these coatings can only be applied to continuous solid surfaces such as marine grade plywood, so if you do not already have a deck on the surface of the plywood, then you also have an additional cost to install the surface.
In this case, a special interlocking aluminum deck profile length is installed on the top of the deck.
Typically, this type of deck replaces the original planks on your deck, so some additional costs and work are required to remove a part of the existing structure.
The channel on the lower side of the profile drains the water to the edge of the deck.
E. Provide such products. g. Lock Dry.
There are various colors to choose from.
One thing to note about the aluminum floor is that it can get very hot in the medium term
When walking in the summer than e. g.
Are you Wood or vinyl?
Vinyl products similar to the above-mentioned aluminum products, special molded vinyl deck boards with interlocking systems (such as Gorilla deck series) are called to provide almost waterproof surfaces under the deck.
Again, this type of deck usually replaces the original board on your deck.
Generally, there are many different colors and texture finishes for vinyl materials.
Compared to aluminum, vinyl flooring stays relatively cool even in the hottest weather.
Under the deck waterproofing system, this is a new deck waterproofing method, but retains the existing natural wood surface.
In this system, such as the system below, a special \"ceiling\" is installed under the deck attached to the bracket or the support beam, the stand or support beam row any water onto the sink located in the corner of the deck.
Again, this system is usually installed by special contractors.
The interlocking wood decorative tiles with B-c rubber film mentioned above, except for the lower-level system, the upper deck usually has most of the waterproof methods, and you will no longer be able to enjoy the natural wood surface on the deck.
If you like the appearance of natural wood, then the most effective, simple, and economical option is probably to first lay a continuous B-C rubber sheet on the top of the existing wood deck, then install interlocking wooden floor tiles on the top of this paper.
Can be from e. g.
The pond supplies stores or some roofing material suppliers for about $0.
60 per square foot.
Provide swift deck in solid wood floor tiles (see www. swiftdeck. com)
Made with a special plastic mesh base, not only allows the tiles to be locked together to form a continuous deck surface, but, allows the water to flow freely under the wood slats and at the top of the B-C rubber film.
As a result, there is no problem with puddles or smooth surfaces of water, just like other membrane options.
Many interlocking tile manufacturers offer tiles of different designs and different wood types, so you can create a special design on your deck, which may just be a simple border or a special feature
Clips on edge strips are also available from selected manufacturers that provide neat and professional edges for the outer layer of the deck.
Using these modular decorative tiles, there are no nail holes or screw holes on the surface of the deck, as the wooden slats are firmly screwed from below to the plastic base.
Since nails, screws, glue or special coating materials are not required, installation is a simple and quick job that can be done by almost anyone without the need for any special handyman skills.
With decorative tiles, you don\'t have to spend tearing off the original decorative board or laying a special plywood surface to apply any special coating.
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