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Recommendations for different types of kitchen countertop materials

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

Because of people’s pursuit of high-quality life, even a place for cooking food has become a place for people to pursue the enjoyment of life--this is the kitchen, and as the kitchen’s “first face” 'The selection of kitchen countertops is very important. Here are some of the more common kitchen countertops.

Two more common countertop materials

Resolute and rough natural stone countertops

Comprehensive index: ★★(With a certain degree of radiation)

Suitable for the crowd: economical users who pursue the beauty of natural grain

Among the cabinet countertop materials, natural stones include marble and granite, which have their own The unique beautiful texture and extremely hard texture, made into a countertop, will undoubtedly create a strong but beautiful castle for the kitchen. Natural stone countertops have a relatively high density, good wear resistance, and outstanding high temperature and scratch resistance. Because of their low cost, they have become an economical countertop material on the market.

Disadvantages: Although the natural stone material is beautiful, there are pores; although the texture is hard, the elasticity is insufficient. Like the fireproof board, the natural stone also has a length limit, and at the same time there will be more or less radiation Sex affects the health of the human body.

Exquisite grade stainless steel countertop

Comprehensive index: ★★★★

Suitable for the crowd: The home decoration style is more industrialized and users who have no time to clean the kitchen

are strong, easy to clean, and practical. If the surface area is large, the stainless steel oil can be sprayed on the stainless steel surface with a manual spray gun, and then wiped with a lint-free dry towel. In recent years, due to the strong impact of the new concept of 'European and American integration' modern cabinets, stainless steel countertops have also made corresponding improvements in compliance with the development trend of the combination of beautiful and practical cabinets. Users who have requirements for the hardness and durability of cabinet countertops can consider stainless steel cabinet countertops. For consumers who prefer 'practical' considerations, or consumers who like metal texture, it is not impossible to buy stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel countertops are generally made of a thin stainless steel plate on the surface of a high-density fireproof board. The texture is firm, easy to clean, and has a three-dimensional effect. At the same time, stainless steel has the best antibacterial performance among all materials.

Disadvantages: Different from other architectural stones, the texture of each piece of marble countertop is different. The marble with clear and curved texture is smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, and it seems to give everyone a vision time and time again. The feast, installed in the living room, can set off the room more elegantly and generously. The vision is 'hardThere is a lack of reasonable and effective treatment methods at the corners and joints of the cabinet countertops. The stainless steel countertop is bright and clean, with excellent performance. It is generally to add a layer of stainless steel plate on the surface of the high-density fireproof board.

Some other material countertops

Quartz stone: Quartz stone is wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, impact-resistant, and The functions of compression, bending resistance and penetration resistance are also very strong. The treatment of deformation, bonding, turning and other parts is unique; because there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so it has strong anti-fouling ability; it can be seamlessly bonded at any length. After the blocks are bonded, they are polished and become a whole body. But the price is higher.

Artificial stone: Artificial stone is colorful, has no pores on the surface, has strong stain resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and is easy to clean. Hard, wood-like delicate and warm on the surface, with ceramic-like luster, extremely plasticity, tight seams, even seamless, rounded and smooth lines, and can be made into any shape.

Fireproof board: Fireproof board has anti-fouling, anti-scald, anti-scratch, anti-acid and alkali properties, and has a wide variety of colors. Its base material is density board, and the surface layer is fireproof material and decorative veneer. The price of fireproof board is more affordable. Compared with natural stone, it is more elastic, will not crack due to heavy blows, and is easy to maintain and maintain.

Generally speaking, the table tops of these materials introduced above are some of the more mainstream now, and their shortcomings and advantages are also more obvious. So when we buy, we can also refer to other basis, such as personal preference, kitchen style, design concept, etc.

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