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Bathtub refinishing and reglazing is a process

by:KingKonree     2020-07-13
First, it should be noted that even very old, damaged tubs can be restored. Bathtub refinishing and reglazing can work with chipped, scratched, dented and worn tubs to repair most types of damage and return the tub to its natural luster. This is accomplished by filling the cracks and dents with and epoxy-based filler in a way that is similar to how body work on automobiles is performed. The filler is aptly named as it repairs these imperfections and damage areas and leaves a seamless surface that can then be refinished. The next part of the bathtub refinishing and reglazing process is to apply a specialized bonding agent that will adhere to the surface of the tube and permit a new surface to be systematically applied. This surface is then coated with a fine finishing spray that preps the bathtub surface for buffing and polishing. At this stage the tub surface is smooth and uniform, but probably looks dull and even discolored. The next stage will alleviate such concerns. By buffing the tub using progressively finer grit sanding equipment, the tub will regain its former state and will become exceptionally smooth, cool and pleasant to touch. However, it might still be somewhat dull, so the final step in the process is to polish the tub with high velocity polishing equipment that will make the surface of the bathtub shine and will enable the tub to repel water for decades if maintained properly. Interestingly, this process for bathtub refinishing is the exact process used to restore valuable antiques such as classic sinks, fountains, statues and other types of bathing dishes and accessories. When done by a professional, it is very difficult to tell the difference between an exceptionally preserved antique piece and a flawlessly restored one. And when compared to a new tub, few people are able to tell the difference. Bathtub refinishing and reglazing can save a homeowner a significant amount of time and money because their existing tub will not need to be removed. Removal of a tub often requires work to be done to the floor underneath it or the walls next to it, and the exact same replacement tub is often not available, requiring changes in the structure of the bathroom. These types of changes can be prohibitively expensive. However, reglazing a bathtub is fast and can alleviate all of these concerns. To find out for yourself, please use the links below now.
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