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Best Ways To Save Money

by:KingKonree     2020-09-25

Consigner Of Designer.

I consign my old clothes to a local consignment shop which gives me a good cut of the selling price. The best part about it? Not only am I making some easy money and clearing out some space, it also means that someone else might be able to buy and enjoy an item that would have just been sitting in a box otherwise.

Best Ways To Raise Kids

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them.

Be a kid at heart. Know how to put yourself in their shoes. In otherwords, be a child with adult experience and knowledge.

Best Ways To Maintain Relationships

Let Him Have Hobbies.

My secret to a successful committed relationship is to give my partner enough space so that he can have his own hobbies and spent time doing the things he loves to do,at the end of the day this actually makes him want to spend more time with me.

Best Ways To Travel

It Pays To Be Chinese.

When I went to China I learned that when you want to purchase items from vendors, if you are not Chinese, you should ask someone who is Chinese to purchase the item for you. I am half chinese and my mother is full chinese. If I went to ask for an item they would charge me a way higher price than if my mother asked. Whenever I wanted something I would then show it to my mother and walk away so she could negotiate a lower price.

Best Ways To Save The Planet

Walk The Mall.

One thing I'm doing to save the planet is walking more instead of driving. For example, if I go to a large shopping complex instead of driving to each store to park near the store I'll park in one location and walk from store to store.

Best Ways To Advance Your Career

Go Back And Get Your Diploma

The best thing I ever did for my career was going back to college and earning my diploma. The construction business that I worked for closed its doors(the recession of 2007) but since I got my diploma I have a great job with great pay.

Best Ways To Cook

Cooking for groups of kids.

When preparing food for a group of kids, I like to keep it simple and fun. When my sons' friends visit for dinner, the best meal is pasta. I make a pot of spaghetti or rotini noodles, and set out 2 kinds of sauces that they can serve themselves. A caesar salad and a basket of Italian rolls rounds out the meal.

Best Ways To Clean

Shaving cream.

Tired of scrubbing hard at water stains? Just use shaving cream on the metallic surface.

Best Ways To Maintain Your Health

Weighty TV.

What I do to stay healthy is that I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. When I watch television I lift weights, so that I am not just sitting there. I also try to do some running, whether it is up stairs or outside.

Best Ways To Get An Education

Set An Example.

When my son was born, it was obvious that I was going to have the most influence on his language development since I was going to be with him more than anyone else. So, I made sure that I spoke to him in complete sentences and grammatically correct. My son became verbal early and can express himself clearly. I believe this led to his academic success in school and has served him well generally.

Best Ways To Experience The Divine

Go For A Walk.

The best way I connect with the divine is to go for a walk outside. When I'm outdoors I see God's creations - trees, birds, flowers - and feel like I'm part of something bigger.

Best Ways To Accept Mortality


Gardening is one way for me to come to terms with mortality. I'll admit, death frightens me, but by gardening, I'm building an acceptance and understanding of it. In a garden, I watch things grow from seeds or small plants, through the days growing steadily more mature. Some plants have very brief lifespans, only living for a few seasons, while others may live several (or even very many) years. Each plant, though, has a certain beauty, whether it lives less than a year or more than 20 years. And when growing plants, I see how they reproduce, and it helps me to accept death, as a natural part of the *cycle* of life. It isn't a linear process of birth, growth and death, but a continuing cycle through birth, growth and death.

Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Bake Hundreds Of Cookies.

Baking hundreds of cookies, making up dozens of plates, and delivering them to neighbors is great since this is the only time I talk to some of them all year. I also like to give plates of cookies to random people at work; the looks on their faces make all the work worthwhile.

Best Ways To Be Romantic

Call A Radio Station.

My ex-girlfriends brother called the radio station and requested a love song to be played. He pretended he was me and told the radio station my name and his sisters name which was my girlfriend at the time. They recorded it, so I can hear it. I got a good laugh out of it.

Best Ways To Be Creative

Make People Smile.

I am impeccable to the bone and beyond anything the sense of humor I portray on everyone is my way of showing gratitude. I love to make people smile and in ways of being goofy and weird in a wise and spiritual way as well have impacted my surround folks.

Best Ways To Be Beautiful

Comb your hair.

I make sure my hair is in order, standing in front of the mirror and combing my hair until it lays just the way I want it. When my hair is in order I feel better about myself.

Best Ways To Raise Pets

Use surveillance cameras.

My cat, Champ, secretly wants to eat my roommate's hamster, Lola. When he knows we are around, he doesn't bother her cage or even look at her. We set up a video camera and caught him trying to pry open the door to her cage. Needless to say, we have started putting her in a separate room and closing the door.

Best Ways To Grow Plants

Grow lights with timers.

During the winter months, when it gets too cold to keep subtropical plants outside, I bring them inside and set them in a room that has grow lights. These grow lights are in a tall lamp that has three light bulb areas. The lamp is set on a timer, so that the plants receive almost equivalent amounts of light that they would get during the warmer months.

Best Ways To Be Happy

Learning Makes Me Happy.

Learning, makes me happy. I like to learn new things, I get much joy from learning something new. It makes me feel good inside and as if I am growing as person.

Best Ways To Cope With Family

Interrupt embarrassment.

I know my sis is going to bring up a sensitive topic and embarrass me in front of everyone so I just interupt her. By the time I finish talking she forgets what she is going to say. Ha!

Best Ways To Coach A Team

Volleyball: Start The Unathletic.

When I played 8th grade volleyball, I was one of the least athletic members of the team. I was short and uncoordinated, and I didn't believe in myself. Before one game, however, my coach told me that she was putting me in as a starter, which made my confidence soar. The game was amazing--I scored 7 points right off the bat!

Best Ways To Master Computers

Build Your Own Desktop.

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to buy a computer prebuilt. You can easily buy separate parts and build your own computer. It will be a learning experience and you will save a lot of money for the same performance. However, it only really works for desktops, since it's nearly impossible to build your own laptop.

Best Life Lessons

3 Or 4 Opportunities At Wealth.

I have learned that, in life, everyone gets three or four opportunities to become extraordinarily wealth. Few people, however, recognize these opportunities or take advantage of them.

Best Ways To Have Fun

The Hong Kong Dragon Festival.

Hong Kong dragon Boat festival is great. It has everything a great full body workout , suntan, meeting new people and enjoying festival in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens NY.

This Festivals has almost everything. Prizes to win, Martial Arts shows, folk dancing, singing and etc and the most important one is watching the race. This festivals always a 2 day festival starting Aug 13 & 14.

It's Amazing !!!

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