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DECEMBER 9th 2010 CHARLOTTE, NC Federal Brace

by:KingKonree     2020-08-21

Federal Brace is no longer just a kitchen countertop support company. To finish out a year of expansive growth, the company is introducing a full line of sixteen shelf brackets. This new offering will include designs from Federal Brace's most popular countertop support models. Now customers can match their countertop supports with decorative shelf brackets elsewhere in the home.

The Federal Brace shelf brackets are made of a lower gauge or thinner material than their beefier counterparts, the countertop support brackets. However, they incorporated all the design features of the countertop support style brackets and have a larger profile and heavier carrying capacity than standard box store type shelf brackets. They are sturdier than wood or plastic brackets as well.

'Federal Brace continues to offer solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, designers and contractors. With the addition of our shelf bracket line of products we are expanding those solutions and offering our customers' greater selection,' said Cathy Morgan, General Manager of Federal Brace.


We start by helping people solve a problem. Through this process we end up with innovative solutions and superior quality products that create an industry standard. Federal Brace provides the complete solution to the consumers needs. With the largest selection of designer style support brackets particularly crafted for the high capacity support of granite and other solid surface countertops, Federal Brace has become a standard for innovative solution in the market.

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