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Tender Notice for the Reconstruction Project of the West Ten Silos in the Old Industrial Zone of Shougang (Tender No.: lw-08-1802)

by:KingKonree     2020-04-16

1. Bidding conditions: The decoration project of the West 10 Silo Reconstruction Workshop of the Shougang Old Industrial Zone of Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. has been approved by the bidding conditions. The tender is organized by the Labor Management Center of Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Welcome to the Shoujian Group qualified suppliers to apply.

2. Project overview and bidding content:

2.1 Project Overview: The project is located in the old industrial zone of Shougang, Beijing. Total floor area: a temporary estimate of 6400m2.

2.2 Bidding content: lightweight aggregate concrete filling layer, wear-resistant cement floor (including foundation), terrazzo floor (including base layer, line), JS composite waterproof coating, carpet surface layer, solid wood composite floor, cement paint ceiling, light steel keel plaster Plate, lamp belt, louver outlet, ceiling latex paint, conference room iron mesh, cement paint wall surface, latex paint wall surface, fire board scraper facing wall surface, galvanized steel square tube light steel keel double-sided double-layer gypsum board Partition wall (including rock wool filling), gypsum board partition wall surface, terrazzo dry hanging, skirting line, artificial stone hand basin faucet, artificial stone hand washing table top installation, hand washing table galvanized steel pipe skeleton installation and installation, artificial stone wash basin Installation, urinal installation, toilet installation, squatting installation, bathroom mop pool installation, socket installation, wall grooving, copper core threaded conduit laying, cast iron pipe installation, lining plastic water supply pipe installation, copper inspection port installation, pipeline Insulation, pipe hangers, valves, hand cartons, floor drain installation, hand dryer installation, kitchen treasure installation, toilet finished partition, bathroom mirror, etc.

Note: In addition to the above subcontracted content, it also includes all the decoration works undertaken by the general contract (construction interface division).

Workplaces of labor bidders: decoration works, finished product protection, environmental protection and safe and civilized construction within the scope of construction drawings.

3. Bidder qualification requirements:

3.1 The bidders participating in the bidding must be in the list of qualified suppliers of the labor service provider. The professional degree of construction (including) registered builder qualification or construction engineer temporary practice qualification, and in line with relevant management regulations, has a valid safety production assessment certificate (B), and may not be used as other projects in construction projects manager.

3.2 Bidders shall abide by relevant laws, regulations, regulations and industry regulations.

3.3 The subcontracting team with a history of bad behavior in Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. shall not participate in the bidding.

4. Bidder's evaluation method:

4.1 Economic bidding quotation part: (out of 30 points)

4.2 Quality and safety period: (out of 10 points) Quality target: (6 points), duration: (4 points)

4.3 Business part: (out of 40) advanced, excellent: (2 points), construction team level: (4 points), qualification level: (4 points), project manager (8 points), management staff (8 points), The rate of certification for special operators (5 points), the rate of operation of workers: (4 points), the performance of similar projects: (5 points)

4.4 Technical part: (20 points) Quality Assurance Measures: (4 points), Labor Plan Arrangement: (4 points), Safe, Civilized and Environmentally Friendly Construction: (4 points), Material Saving Measures: (4 points), Life Management Plan (4 Minute)

4.5 The bidder's bidding documents shall be reviewed by the bid evaluation committee, and the employer may conduct a second interview with the bidder and finally determine the bid price.

5. Acquisition of bidding documents and payment of bid security:

5.1 The e-mail will be issued by the labor management center, and the bidder will reply after receiving the e-mail of the bidding documents.

5.2 Bid Security: None.

6. Submission of bid documents:

6.1 The time for submitting the bid documents is from 9:30 on July 25, 2018 to 9:30 on July 25, 2018. The deadline for submission of bid documents (the deadline for bid submission, that is, the time for bid opening) is July 25, 2018. At 9:30 on the day; the tender documents will be submitted in advance or lag, and the tenderee will not accept them. If the tenderer decides to postpone the deadline for submitting the bidding documents, at least 2 days before the original deadline, the notice shall be sent to all bidders. In the second case, the rights and obligations of the bidder and the bidder shall not be submitted due to delay. The file deadline changes.

The place where the bid documents are submitted: the bid opening hall of the bidding procurement center of Shougang Ertong Industrial Park.

6.2 The tender documents that are delivered late or not delivered to the designated place will not be accepted by the tenderee.

7. Bidding location and contact information

Tender organizer: Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Labor Management Center

Registration Contact: Zhang Bowen: 13520882441 Hu Bing: 13401193250

Registration email: sgjslw@163.com

Tenderer: Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Building Decoration Branch

Tenderee Address: Beijing Shougang Old Industrial Zone

Contact: Yang Haiyu Tel: 15901364969

At that time, the legal representative or the attorney of the bidder who participated in the bidding will be signed with the valid certificate before the start of the bid opening.

Registration deadline: 17:00 on July 18, 2018

Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Labor Management Center

July 16, 2018

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