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The decoration of the bay window is not silly and marble, and the wife proposes to install Bathtub , even the master is also exaggerated!

by:KingKonree     2019-12-12

In the bathroom renovation, if your bathroom has a bay window, you can try to install the bathtub on the side of the bay window, which does not take up too much space, and is also beautiful and practical. After finishing the day's exhausted work, staying in the bathtub next to the bay window is very difficult!

Some friends used habitually on the upper marble when decorating the bay window, which is really a waste of space and is not practical at all. When I decorate the bay window, my wife proposes to install a bathtub in this area. After the decoration, the effect is obvious, and the appearance is practical!

Renovation of the bay window, no silly marble

First of all, the bay window is transformed into a bathtub. It is necessary to determine whether the bay window of your home is a false bay window. If it is a false bay window, then the broken wall will be removed in time, and it will not have any impact on the building structure. But if your home is a true bay window, then this bay window can't be dismantled, so everyone must do a good job in this aspect before construction.

It is not difficult to renovate the bathtub in the bay window. The only difficulty is to do drainage and waterproofing. Because the position of the bay window is in the bedroom, this position generally does not erect the drain pipe. Therefore, before we can make the bathtub, we must lay the drainage pipe and also take waterproof measures. The bottom of the bay window should be brushed with several layers of waterproof. This will be foolproof, otherwise there will be water leaks in the future, affecting the relationship with the neighbors downstairs, it is not worth it.

In fact, it is very smart to install a bathtub on the bay window. We all know that the skylighting and landscape view of the bay window are very good, especially in the high-rise residential buildings. On the floor with better privacy, a large enough bathtub with floor-to-ceiling glass enjoys the pleasure of bathing while enjoying the scenery outside the window. I believe that the tiredness of your day at work can be swept away. How do you feel about this?

Bathtub installation steps

First, the embedded bathtub installation steps

1. After the pipeline is completed, make up the grooved part for waterproofing, and check the 24-hour water storage to ensure no leakage.

2. Paving the bricks according to the normal procedure and finishing.

3, install the bathtub: use a foam brick to pad the bathtub. The height of the bathtub is generally within 600mm. Connect the water to the water and keep it open. Then use a foam brick to build a wall plaster. Be careful to leave the inspection hole at the corresponding position of the down pipe, about 250x300mm.

4. What materials are used on the table, you can use the same type of wall tiles, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, stainless steel, etc., depending on the style you like.

Second, embedded bathtub installation precautions

1. The low wall around the bathtub or the ribs should have sufficient supporting force, and the surrounding sand should be compacted and compacted;

2. Do not use brick or other hard objects to support the bottom of the bathtub to avoid damage to the glaze during use;

3, the bottom of the bathtub and the four peripheral corners should be in full contact with the force;

4. Note that the joints of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe are tightly connected;

5. Leave a water inspection port when you apply the tile. In order to look good on the surface, you can use glue to stick the tile on the inspection port, so that it can not be seen from the outside, and it is convenient to remove the tile during maintenance.

6. Install the water fittings before placing the bathtub, and do a 24-hour water shut-off test to see if there is water leakage at each joint.

7. When placing the bathtub, note that the end of the drain is slightly lower than the other end. The outer end is slightly lower than the inner end.

8. The actual size of the bathtub may not be exactly the same as the nominal size. Firstly measure it at the time of purchase and installation, and reserve normal tolerances for easy installation.

9, the lower pipe is preferably slightly inverted s type, this can prevent back odor.

The rise of embedded methods allows the home space to be released to the utmost. Today, the embedded above-ground bathtub gradually enters our lives and becomes the current trend. Embedded is a surprising bathtub design concept, and the luxury of life is redefined by the overflowing embedded floor bathtub. The built-in above-ground bathtub, full open space, uses a lot of natural elements, such as wooden floors on the edges, or the use of pebbles as a boundary around the bathtub, the surrounding environment is also full of natural atmosphere, large floor-to-ceiling windows, outside is a variety of Flowers and plants.

After I put the renovated bathtub into the circle of friends, many of my friends said that it was wonderful, which made me happy! After reading this article, you will find that there are quite a few creative designs in the decoration, so you should not follow the trend or always be the same, so the decoration will lack a lot of highlights. Finally, I wish you all the best!

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