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The definition of luxury varies for each person

by:KingKonree     2020-08-27

When people travel and visit a luxury hotel or resort they expect better comfort and luxury compared to their home, this is mainly because they pay a high price for a comfortable and luxury vacation. Most of us have the desire to stay in a luxury hotel to experience comfort, tranquility and elegance. Every guest expects a 5-star hotel to provide them with great amenities, supplies and services.

Luxury Bed

In a luxury accommodation, the luxury beddings give a hotel bed a 5-star hotel quality. The softness of the mattresses and pillows, quality of bed linens and duvet cover, and blanket softness have a great impact on the guests.

A luxury bed is mostly made of latex which is soft and elastic in nature, thus a good support for the back and has the property to ease back pain. It does not sink down on sleeping. It is also hypo allergenic and dust and mite resistant making it safe and friendly for kids.

A luxury bed is usually comprised of a number of layers including a bed skirt and the mattress. The bed skirt hides the feet of the bed and the mattress adds comfort to a sleep. Under the top mattress is the coverlet or the quilt tucked around and under the top mattress. It is purely decorative and can also be found being used a throw blanket, or even a picnic blanket.

A duvet on the other hand adds warmth. Pillows covered in high quality cases should also be of utmost importance. Pillows come in different types such as the throw, neckroll or boudoir pillows. Also the cleanliness of beddings matters a lot. Most hotels provide clean white bed linens covered with luxury duvet covers, whereas some prefer printed ones depending upon the preferences of their customers.

Luxury Bathroom and Toiletries

The quality of toiletries in your hotel rooms also say a lot about the quality of your hotel and will give them a lasting impression. Standard toiletries include shampoos, conditioners, shaving kits, dental kits, bathrobe, bath towels, soap bars and toilet paper. Branded and made to order toiletries are now common in luxury hotels. The bathroom itself should also be sleek and smooth, taking advantage of the best materials. The sinks, tubs, bathroom tiles and fixtures are really shiny.

The importance of bed, beddings, bathroom and toiletries cannot be ignored while considering comfort and satisfying guest stay at your hotel.

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