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bathroom designs to expect in the future (futuristic bathrooms)

by:KingKonree     2020-10-21
Even with modern innovations in bathroom design, it can be said that there has been no significant change in the interior of the bathroom for decades.
Besides some modern facilities, such as spa tub, custom vanity, Jacuzzi, wet room, heated towel rack, stylish storage concept, under-floor heating, changes in constant temperature shower system are usually in bathroom style, interior layout and finish on.
With the rapid development of today\'s technology, what should we expect from bathroom designers in the coming decades?
How different will they be from our own bathroom design at home today?
Just as people never imagined the scale of today\'s technological revolution a hundred years ago, the future of our bathroom is equally unimaginable.
But we believe there will be more in the future.
The technological revolution we are constantly experiencing is awesome and a pointer to the fact that the future bathroom design is equally revolutionary.
The features that can be expected in future bathroom design make the basic elements and common features of bathroom design are shower, Whirlpool, bathtub, bidet, vanity, water Cabinet and bathroom mats such as faucets, caddies, etc, towel rack, storage cabinet, toilet paper rack, soap dispenser.
These common features at the beginning of the 21 st century may remain the same as they have been for more than half a century.
In the future, we can only speculate on the shape and form of them, however, it is certain that the future bathrooms will evolve into bathrooms and relaxation rooms with a range of built-in functions. in hi-Technical tools.
If you \'ve seen the movie 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it\'s a science fiction movie.
Based on the dystopian future sci-fi drama film, you must remember the scene where the actor Michael B Jordan swiped his card in the bathroom --
The Wall, which acts as a screen that displays everything from reading and replying to information to talking and planning with colleagues in the fire department.
The bathroom design in the future may be so advanced that we may find that we spend more time in the bathroom than in the kitchen.
These are some thoughts on bathroom innovation.
Information Center-
When we take a bath or soak in the tub and interact with others easily at the same time, we get the message.
You can listen to your favorite news channel or get the latest news and breaking news.
Maybe the shower curtain can also be used as a display where we can catch up with our social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (
Or anything that will apply in the future)
When we took a showerHigh-
Technical toilet
The toilet with a monitor can measure your blood sugar level, body temperature and blood pressure.
This innovation will be a good way to monitor our health.
We were there as soon as we were in the toilet.
Remote control faucet
Tap with remote control so you can run a soap bath on your way back from work.
Take a shower when you drive down the street and add your favorite bath salt or gel.
You don\'t need to install a TV or projector screen in a future bathroom as the walls will be movie screens.
Watch a movie while taking a bath in the bathtub.
Interactive mirror
Wall-mounted mirrors will also serve as monitors, for example, providing tips on what to wear, how to dress up for the day and how to perfectly apply makeup for the day or night.
Waterproof Speaker
Listen to the music or inspirational speech of the speakers installed in the shower or bathtub and connect through multiple speakersroom hi-fi system. Self-
Toilet seat-hygiene
This has been invented and used in some parts of Europe and the United States.
Automatic, automatic
Clean, disinfect and dry you after each use.
Soon, the toilet seat will feature features such as heating the seat, footrest, a cover that is automatically opened and closed, and possibly integrated sound systems.
Water saving system
With the reduction of water resources, water conservation has become an urgent task.
This means that the flushing system will be designed to be used for a quarter of today\'s toilets.
Imagine if there were no more handles, knobs, and levers that would be replaced by the TouchPad?
You can touch-
Control lights, taps, equipment, screens, etc. . . .
Antibacterial and Electrolytic Water
Disinfection will become an automatic function in future bathroom design.
The water in the toilet will be super
High effect, wide
There is no color, no smell and harmless spectral disinfectant for human beings.
Antibacterial water will clean and kill bacteria found in future toilets. Health check -
Use the latest technology to help assess the health of you and your family
Just press the button.
Imagine having the robot do all your chores, including cleaning the bathroom.
What if they could give you bath towels or bathrobes, body massages, facial massages, and even manicure and pedicure?
Background music-Pre-
Programming music or playlists that understand your emotions play accordingly, so when you\'re down, it detects your character and plays music that makes you feel better.
If you feel good, it will play the music that makes you feel great.
According to the bathroom activities we intend to carry out, generate the light and adjust the surface countertops of the lighting level. Voice command-
Use your voice in each command, such as lifting the toilet lid, directing the tap to distribute hot, warm or cold water, or commands to turn on the movie screen.
This will be similar to the \"open sesame\" command. Sensors -
This will help identify the drop in your immune system, mood, heart rhythm, etc hands
Free flush system when you run out of the toilet, the toilet will automatically rinse and deodorization once you get up from your seat. Built-
In the built-in bidet and bidet system in the bathroom, a warm air explosion as a drying function is generated.
Innovation will make future bathrooms a safe haven for comfortable future bathroom designs, combining functionality with health and lifestyle facilities, meaning that rooms can be used not only as a place to take a shower and use a toilet, it will also leave a label for your health, give you tips on the way you live, and inspire you in a way that makes you passionate every day.
The room will automatically identify the home user and know who will shower with hot water and who will prefer warm water.
For convenience, the mode can be set for each family member.
For the safety of each user, the fixtures will mechanically adjust the height and position to suit each family member and provide personal medical information for each person.
The future bathroom design will not only be a paradise for comfort and relaxation, but also a user
Friendly and convenient. A kind of get-
Our usual bathroom is a regular room.
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