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Design and maintenance of European style bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

Nowadays, when modern and simple styles are all the rage, it has become the goal of many friends to install a romantic and elegant European-style room. Of course, European-style bathroom sinks are no exception. So how should the European-style sinks be designed?

The design of European style washstand

1. The washstand uses blue tile stitching, even if water is spilled The stage will not appear dirty or difficult to clean. I believe this color is also liked by many owners who believe in pragmatism. In the color application, three colors of white, blue, and brown are selected. From the color selection point of view, this kind of bathroom will give people a very simple and hygienic feeling.

2. If you want to be full of rich European pastoral flavor. The light green wall tiles and the light green cabinet doors make a fresh breeze blow. In addition, the vanity countertop is laid with a pure white marble panel, and the entire vanity countertop is simple and easy to clean. The European-style metal shelf and mirror shelf decorate the entire sink, which is very good. European style wall lamp, in the overall bright, simple and simple bathroom space, the wall lamp that inherits the European cultural heritage is quietly glowing with shadowy lights, and a sense of haziness and romance emerges spontaneously. Flowers, romantic elements, not only decorate the bathroom more beautifully and comfortably, but also bring us romantic enjoyment.

3. Create a high-end European style bathroom sink. As a sink, it is practical, comfortable to look and feel, and easy to clean is the most practical design. The whole bathroom is decorated with light brown tiles, even if time passes, this kind of wall does not look old and dirty. The wall of the traditional mosaic sink is not easy to be stained with dirt. The traditional and simple faucet and copper mirror frame design, and the antique wooden kitchen door all show the master's taste.

4. Red wine, another romantic element. Imagine, in a bathtub full of petals, while taking a comfortable bath and smelling the fragrance of petals; while drinking red wine elegantly, how romantic and pleasant is it? The marble vanity and bathtub with light and dark texture make the bathroom space a little more gorgeous; it is also worth mentioning that the ring design on both sides of the vanity table is both beautiful and practical.

We all know that European-style bathroom sinks generally mainly use stone as the material of the sink, so how do they need to be maintained to dry and clean for a long time Is it clean and beautiful?

Maintenance of European-style bathroom sinks

Granite for the maintenance of European-style bathroom sinks

Granite is a very durable and flexible stone. For regular cleaning, you can use a soapy nylon brush to scrub in a circular path, and then rinse thoroughly. Regular cleaning will help prevent water stains from hardening. If you want to get rid of stubborn stains, you can try non-abrasive cleaners such as dish soap, bleach, etc. Be sure to avoid using strong alkalis such as ammonia and drain the water to prevent chemicals from entering the sink with the water. If you encounter rust problems caused by iron ions contained in water, cookware, etc., you can use a detergent containing oxalic acid to remove it. Do not use bleach directly on the granite.

Marble for the maintenance of European-style toilet washbasin

Marble has an elegant luster. Because the stone has pores, it is difficult to maintain the luster of the marble. Sealing helps prevent the stone from absorbing liquid, but acidic liquids such as orange juice, lemon, soda, various foods, and common household cleaners can corrode the stone. For this reason, do not use acid cleaners on marble. Wet glass with a trace of acidic liquid can cause stubborn water stains. To avoid water stains, rinse and dry the sink after each use. The only way to remove corrosion and water stains is to ask professionals to re-grind and re-polish. For routine care, you can use soft, bleach-containing liquid detergents or ordinary household detergents.

At the end, I want to remind everyone that whether it is European style or Chinese style, the bathroom is the most functional and frequently used in our home life. Therefore, starting from the sink, the bathroom must match the overall style to be perfect.

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