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newborn girl abandoned in a toilet bowl in a chinese hospital is rescued by nurses

by:KingKonree     2020-02-25
In a hospital in the north, a newborn was rescued from the toilet.
In eastern China, its mother tried to give it up.
The baby was discovered by shocked witnesses who heard cries from a cubicle in Tianjin.
They immediately informed the nurse to go to the toilet.
The young mother reportedly tried to leave the facility and was stopped at the scene by witnesses and other nurses.
The report said that the child looked healthy and stable. the mother was unmarried and pregnant and did not inform the family.
Footage taken Sunday in a women\'s bathroom at Tianjin\'s third Central Hospital showed nurses rushing into a cubicle to remove the newborn from the toilet bowl.
It is reported that the nurse found the placenta of the baby and the mother in the toilet that the sex did not reveal.
Before washing the child with a washbasin, an experienced head nurse was seen wrapping the newborn with a towel.
She can also see the blood on her baby\'s face.
In the video, she called on the obstetrician to help her and also told the hospital staff: \"Don\'t let her go! \' -
Probably refers to the baby\'s mother.
Her identity has not yet been disclosed and the incident is under police investigation.
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