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revealed: how dozens of councils are now charging a \'tip tax\' of up to £20 to throw away radiators, sheds and toilet seats

by:KingKonree     2020-04-11
Nearly 50 local authorities are now charging parliamentary taxpayers up to £ 20 as they throw out every item in the new \"back door tax\" that has swept the country.
The Gham County Council has just released a price list for householders that requires a minimum of 2.
50 for small items such as toilet seat, bathroom faucet, board or glass.
10 for handling door or household water tank-
A shed costs 17.
50 and an old boiler cost 20 to get a tip.
Builders, merchants, and businesses used to be the only ones to charge at junkyard, but there is a clear and growing trend of householders who have already paid an average of £ 750 --a-
Pay more cash every year.
Nearly 50 committees also charge residents for the disposal of household waste, including the Kent County Council, the UK\'s most populous local authority, which has paid people to dump bathroom supplies, bricks since last month, gypsum board and soil.
Many of the charges seem to be for DIY enthusiasts to improve their homes by replacing the kitchen, bathroom or remodeling the garden.
The staff of the Brent board\'s main dump site weighed every 100 kg non-vehicles when the car arrived
When the committee of Lewisham, Torbay and Darlington reject any person with DIY garbage, recyclable garbage.
The minister will now review the cost of the head of household dumping waste in council tips and there is concern about flying
Tips may increase. Allison Ogden-
Newton, the chief executive who kept Britain clean, said: \"Although we know that it is difficult for local governments to make choices in the face of declining resources, we know, if you make it easy for people to do the right thing, they are more likely to do so.
\"Helping people deal with garbage legally will reduce rather than encourage flying --tipping.
We would like to see the government subsidize the recycling infrastructure with a landfill tax of £ 1 billion.
\"This will ensure that local authorities do not have to close or restrict the use of domestic waste recycling centres, which in turn will avoid future flights --tipping costs.
It was previously reported that the local government even charged residents £ 20 to handle the old toilet cover.
Nearly 50 local authorities now insist on arbitrary fees to remove waste, including the buckin County Council, which has released a new \"price list\" requiring a maximum of £ 20 for items such as fences
Pillars, plasterboard and faucets.
Last month, Kent\'s gardener was asked to pay £ 4 for a bag of dirt or rubble, and Devon families are now charged £ 3.
Used for dumping shower trays and tires.
Ministry of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Describe these charges as a \"back door\" tax, saying that the owner should be allowed to dump waste in construction works for free.
It plans to launch a review and it can be seen that 47 committees are prohibited from charging fees.
Activists say these payments will lead to a surge in flights
Although Parliament insists they have no obligation to accept \"no tip\"
Household garbage.
According to the latest government statistics, the economic growth rate of many countries is 43. load fly-
Tipping between 201617 and 2017-18, with clean-
Costs rose from £ 9. Between 9 million and 12. 2million.
A survey found that some committees charged residents with dumping of garbage, while neighboring committees let them dump it free of charge.
Kent\'s Medway Council is reported to be considering banning people from accessing garbage and asking visitors to show proof of address after the district\'s county Council charges a fee for nearby areas.
Parliament like Blackpool and Stocktonon-
Tees introduced up to £ 20, while the Norfolk County Council asked for £ 5 per binsized bag.
Just last week, Kent\'s ambulance staff were delayed in contacting an old man who had collapsed as they were forced to stop twice to remove the garbage from the road.
Kent increased his budget for the flight.
Its tip reached £ 4 million before a new dumping charge was filed, prompting critics to claim that the Commission knew that the fees would lead to an increase in littering.
Robin Edwards of the National Land and Commerce Association said: \"In many places in Kent, the number of flights
Tipping cases are on the rise.
It would be very disappointing if the numbers would get bigger due to these fees.
A Defra spokesman said last night: \"We are very clear that it should be free to deal with household garbage, including garbage generated by DIY home improvement projects.
That is why we plan to review the current rules.
Local authorities do charge people to get rid of non-
At the domestic waste recycling center, they must make sure that the charges are commensurate and clear and easy to understand.
Meanwhile, garbage collectors in South Gloucester are planning to start searching public bins to check if people have thrown away garbage that should have entered their homes.
Anyone who does this may face a fine of £ 200.
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