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decorating a bathroom

by:KingKonree     2020-10-26
The floor of the bathroom and the surface of the wall almost any material can be used to surface the walls and floors of the bathroom, as long as it is waterproof, both natural and non-permeable. Wood-
Paneled walls and floors are rare due to maintenance, but if your bathtub is large, you may want to use wood outside the shower area.
Wooden windows, door frames and doors are used almost everywhere;
Because they are painted or painted, they can withstand moisture well in the environment.
In any tub, a good ventilation fan is important, and it is essential in a tub with wood.
If you like wood but do not want maintenance, please investigate the new synthetic wood flooring material.
They are very realistic.
All waterproof effects of appearance and synthetic materials.
Tiles, marble and granite make the floor and walls of the bathroom beautiful and durable.
Marble and granite tiles (
The board is too heavy)
Bathed in unparalleled luxury and beauty, the tiles work well on the floor and walls.
Now you can buy tiles that look like antiques or quarries.
In dirt, stone-like textures, patterns, and colors, they are like from tumbling marble to the ancient terra-cotta.
Be sure to use the tiles on the floor ---
Wall tiles may look similar but not strong enough.
And be sure to specify a non-slip surface on these floors.
The price of some tiles is very low.
The glossy, textured look of tumbling marble or other natural stone to make them smootherresistant.
Smaller tiles with more, thicker grouting lines also improve traction.
Your choice will not end here.
From a modern and rustic point of view, the use of cement flooring can be considered.
Its appearance is very different, the material is natural waterproof and anti-slip.
Flaky vinyl or vinyl tiles are now cheaper than ever and look better: Top-
High quality lines do a good job in artificialmarble or faux-
The appearance of the tile.
Flaky vinyl avoids potential problems with infiltrating moisture and loosening moisture between tiles, but vinyl tiles are quick and easy to install for anyone.
Vinyl flooring is not a real option, so exercise in a damp place.
Outline or wall-to-
Wall bathroom carpets are no longer popular due to style and hygiene, but mainly hard
The bathroom that surfaced could benefit from the carpet or the soft texture of the two soles of the feet.
Be sure to use a carpet with a non-slip coating on the back, or use a non-slip carpet mat.
Textured rubber tiles like the one used in the hospital are fun for modern bathrooms or bathrooms for kids and easy to slipresistant.
Whatever type of floor you choose, make sure it\'s installed on a clean, flat, dry floor: It\'s a job you don\'t want to tear off and re-do!
The bathroom walls in the shower area may be ceramic, marble or granite tiles;
Solid surface treatment;
Or laminated material. For a space-
To expand the look, you can extend these materials to the rest of the bathtub or increase interest through different wall treatments.
A popular example is the tile on the wall of the shower, which stops on the chair
The rail height of the rest of the bathtub will be replaced by glass blocks, wood paneling, wallpaper or paint.
The glass block is quite modern, but it is undeniable beautiful, it can be used for interior walls, semi-walls, creating partitions without blocking the light, or for outdoor windows.
If you prefer wood paneling, choose the one that has been treated with a waterproof plastic finish and choose mahogany or Cedar, they are more resistant to moisture than other wood.
Make sure it is vinyl and use moisture if you choose wallpaper
Not sticky ordinary wallpaper paste.
Paint is the most economical option, so buy the best and specify a gloss or semi-gloss for easy cleaning and extra moisture proof.
Even if there is a waterproof surface, there must be enough ventilation, so purchase a ceiling fixed fan or fan/lamp while purchasing the surface material.
Since 70 years, the pulse, smoked and colored mirrors are no longer favored by the design, but are very large
The transparent mirror is still the ideal wall surface treatment material in the bathtub.
They add charm to the large space, make the small space look bigger, and illuminate any space by reflecting light from the usually smallest window.
To successfully use a large area mirror, make sure it hangs properly (
It\'s heavy).
Do not let it enter the shower area as the moisture that permeates the edge of the mirror destroys Silver.
Be sure to know what scene it will reflect!
Many prefer to mirror only on the top half of the wall and use tiles or other materials below.
To get a charming look, surround the frameless mirror cabinet with a mirror, or hang a gorgeous frame mirror (
The Venetian glass frame is amazing)
On the large wall mirror.
For uninterrupted viewing, there are also any wall sockets on the mirror.
If your dresser is deep, the mirror on the wall may be too far away from makeup, so plan a portable, enlarged countertop mirror.
Telescopic mirrors are a good idea for all height users.
Don\'t forget the door when planning to take a shower: to make the room useful to anyone, even in the dressing room, make sure the door is at least 32 inch wide.
If you are using a traditional door, it is better if it swings outward than inward;
If someone falls down, an introvert
It may not be possible to open the swinging door.
If the floor space is tight, consider a pocket door that slides into the wall slot or a double door that folds against the wall.
The bathroom may become impractical or completely dangerous without adequate lighting.
On the next page, learn how to choose lighting according to bathroom needs.
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