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The most favorite natural stone and countertop

by:KingKonree     2020-08-18

Importance of Granite Countertops

Granite as a countertop, gracefully withstands abuse. Its likely impossible to scratch. You can chop your fruits and vegetables directly to the countertop. Hot pots, pans and cookie sheets cannot hurt it either. The bacteria cannot hide of the surface of a polished granite countertop it is also non-porous.. Most granite countertop if not properly sealed with few conditions can still be stained even it is one of the hardest and strongest stones. Some varieties of granite are so dense that they do not need to be sealed. Absolute black and galaxy black granite are not only nearly indestructibly they are among the most expensive. To make sure it suits your needs, select a lovely countertop and seal it every few years.

The Health Risks of Granite and Radon Gas

Granite emits radiation as with most natural stones. Mostly granite emits more radiation than others. Last July 25, 2008,Granite Countertops: A Health Threat? was aired by The Early Show. Homeowners should tested their countertops for harmful radon gas emission they recommended. Homes in some areas found this Radon a cancer-causing radioactive gas. Found commonly in low-lying parts of the house like basements. Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, radon is invisible, it has no taste and smell.

'Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers' says EPA. In America, the second foremost cause of lung cancer is the Radon and claims about 20,000 lives annually. Learn how you can protect your family. It' easy and inexpensive - Check out your Home for Radon. If you have a radon level of 4pCi/L or more fix your home.

Download now the WHO Handbook on Indoor Radon, A Public Health Perspective, the World Health Organization offers this for homeowners interested in learning more about Radon.

There are easy and inexpensive mitigation solutions if radon happens found in your home and the contributing factor is your granite countertop or floor. Each piece of granites with reds should tested because they emit the highest radiation.

The Marble Institute of America refute the evidence that granite can be harmful, pointing to their own research on the topic.

Considering a granite countertop, it is best for homeowners is to make sure and make some research. Test your slab first before it is installed. Always think of the beauty and durability of your countertop that will add value to your home. Test results can allay any concerns for potential buyers when you have to sell your house.

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